I am currently freelancing as a UX Designer, and I’m open to different types of UX opportunities.

I’m an User Experience design zealot, constantly seeking ways to challenge the status-quo. I believe there is great power in applying well-thought through design fundaments grounded in an innate understanding of interaction flow and user experience insights to create a delightful experience.

My goal is to create engaging, intuitive, and delightful user experiences.

I passionately believe that insight driven product design that factors in context and human perception is key to bridging the gap between technology and technology that is created to help serve humanity.

What I offer in my practice education and experience is a niche expertise in both Interaction Design & User Experience Research Methods. Both areas fundamental to creating a holistically sound User Experience.

See my work experience on LinkedIn.


In addition to over 15 years of UX design & research experience, I have a bachelors degree in Information & Computer Science and a masters in Human Computer Interaction, from UC Irvine. My core knowledge grounded in fundamentals of humans and computers, and their relationship serves me well in untangling complex business requirements and creating high-level conceptual solutions that translate into design solutions that empathize with the user.

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